Ongoing Projects



Main Street Pots – Phase 2

In phase 1 of this project, pots containing evergreens, ornamental grasses, and trees were placed along Main Street by Our Town Upland.  In phase 2, these plants require ongoing attention and are maintained by OTU members and community volunteers. They are watered as needed by the Taylor University maintenance staff.

pots bank

pots fire station







Ivanhoe’s Placemats

A placemat with advertising of local businesses and an Our Town Upland calendar has been designed and produced and are used as tray liners at Ivanhoe’s Restaurant. This placemat can be taken home by visitors and local customers alike as a reminder of Upland-area events and businesses. LaRea Slater is the lead on this project.


Hoes placemat






Alternative Energy Scholarship

The Eastbrook Alternative Energy Scholarship Fund was started to accompany a project to place a wind turbine at Eastbrook High School. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating Eastbrook senior seeking a degree in green technologies.

The wind turbine project began in 2012 when alternative energy was first being introduced into the school curriculum. The high school math and science teachers were integrating alternative energy concepts into their courses. LaRea Slater, Co-Chair of Eastbrook Alternative Energy Group, believed this scholarship could be a natural bridge to help students continue in this field. Slater was a junior high teacher for 33 years, and she still enjoys helping students to find their “niche.”

“The scholarship is an incentive, and the students are honored to receive it,” Slater said. “It can encourage the students to go on, and it shows that people, other than their parents and school, are interested in them.”