Completed Projects




Upland Downtown Initiative

The UDI was funded in part by the Boren Foundation along with other local groups and individuals. The objective of UDI is to beautify the Main Street area of downtown Upland. Buildings have been painted, doorways and windows repaired, and vinyl posters hung in windows.









Pots Along Main Street – Phase 1

Twenty-three large concrete pots have been placed along Main Street. These pots were stained a terracotta color and planted with evergreen trees, ornamental grasses, and “lollipop” trees. This project was funded by a local group and made possible by the participation of Taylor University in the watering of the pots throughout the spring, summer and fall.


pots fire station


pots bank

Main Street Murals

Two murals have been painted to add to the attractiveness of the downtown area. A shop front has been painted on a building wall at the south end of the downtown area. A second mural depicting the historic Oren Blacksmith Shop from the 1940′s and 1950′s has been painted on a building visible from the north entry to Main Street.



DSCN3806 Blacksmith 1









Community Building Remodel

With a request from the Upland Town Council, Donna Bauer, Our Town Upland, Inc., took as her crew the Upland Downtown Initiative group and community volunteers to completely remodel the Upland Community Building in the summer of 2012. An $18,000 start up amount from the Town Council and a $9,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Grant County provided funding.  The project added new furniture, flooring, appliances, painted walls and pictures, and a new closet to store tables and chairs. Cleaning services were also upgraded by the Council.



CB 1

CB OTU group 1











Eastbrook Community Wind Energy Network

The Eastbrook Community Wind Energy Network (ECWEN) is the result of a project to fully fund and install wind turbines on the three Eastbrook school campuses and in one Eastbrook community. This alternative energy network combines community and school with a local university and will stretch north and south along the entire east side of Grant County, Indiana. These four sites will provide wind energy data with a geospatial element for a data integration hub at Taylor University. The ECWEN data will be combined with university alternative energy data and distributed to Eastbrook High School for teacher and student analysis and research.

One of the most important benefits of this project is the Taylor University/Eastbrook alternative energy partnership. The new $42 million Taylor Science Center and alternative energy programs will bring to Eastbrook unprecedented university-class research and world-class science educational resources.



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