What Members Like About OTU


Following are reasons why our members like being part of Our Town Upland. This organization:

  • is project oriented with a focus on improving our town;
  • has a strong history including return and renovation of the depot;
  • recognizes Taylor University as a valuable resource to the community;
  • collaborates with Taylor University on projects;
  • has and will continue to have significant influence on the future direction of Upland;
  • offers members the options to focus on the project “hands on” aspect of the organization;
  • gives members an opportunity to be involved in positive change in the community;
  • provides a view of what is going on behind the scenes in the Upland community;
  • provides networking and the chance to meet new friends;
  • is a great place to learn about the rich history of Upland and surrounding areas from members who have grown up here;
  • provides the opportunity to use your unique skills to invest in our community;
  • provides the opportunity to champion current projects;
  • provides the opportunity to meet others who share a commitment to our community;
  • provides the opportunity to learn about the history, organizations, and challenges of our community;
  • provides the opportunity to invest your time to the growth and development of Upland in a way that will impact future generations;
  • provides the opportunity to feel more rooted to this place and to cultivate a richer appreciation for our neighbors.